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Women leaders who love fashion and a good joke.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Presents Hilary Clinton with a picture as a joke to poke their love for pantsuits. The photo was of Clinton and Merkel, in their signature pantsuits, captured from the waist down and featured the caption, “Which one is Merkel and which one is Clinton?”  What a lovely moment.


3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2011

This collection was full of surprises with a lot of versatility in the color scheme. I think the overall theme was upscale minimalism with a hint of edginess, hence the leather

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2011 womens

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2011 womens3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2011 womens

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2011 womens

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2011 womens

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2011 womens

Costume Jewelry

For the last four plus years, costume jewelry has been hitting major events big. It is a great outfit enhancerr, as you can just make a simple minimalist outfit look that much more. While thought as cheap, I still think it is an effectively cheap way to take your outfit to the next level. These days designers are coming up with pieces that look much more luxurious and glamorous. I think it is a worthwhile investment because they keep reinventing themselves and not every one can afford real diamonds and pearls so this is a great alternative. Miriam haskell is one costume designer that I love as she brings that really antique luxury feel costume jewelry.




Fashion Ring - Gold plated Green Orange Enamel Crystal RingCrystal Ring - Gold Plated Colourful Crystal Enamel RingTrifari Jewelry

bug jewelry

Miriam Haskell costume jewelry




Lightweight Chiffon

Chiffon is one of the easiest fabric to work with and wear because for designers, it can be easily manipulated to suit whatever design you have in mind. It is breathable, comfortable, it is my first choice when shopping.


Plaid is cool….

I like Plaid fashion because it is timeless and can be easily updated by a pop of color, now when styling a plaid pieces you should be sensitive to the color schemes and how it goes and fit, because plaid is not entirely forgiving when not styled properly. And Plaid often plays a major role in the styling of the geek look and the collegiate looks. 


Chrissie Morris Shoes

I would describe this designers style as truly modern and art deco inspired, really different in a traditional kind of way. Chrissie Morris is truly talented, I love her shoes

Spice it up!

Adding that extra touch to your outfit  really makes the difference between a really cool or bland outfit. To really spice up any outfit, especially when I am felling foxy or happy, I look to Jungle Accessories.

Online Hot spots….

Shopping could be a daunting task to do, all that stress of  having to go all the way to a mall or shop, too stressful, Thanks to the internet now with a click of a button your shopping is all done; but where do you go to shop, below is a list of popular online boutiques I love and recommend.


Steals and Deals




4. Modcloth

5. Topshop

Average Buys



Splurges and Luxury Buys

11.Luxury Brand sites [ Most luxury brands and designers sell on their sites, but the prices are usually well, go check it out]



16. Harrods

 Prajje 1983 is a fashion design house based in Massachusetts with a design studio in New York. Born in Haiti, the designer behind this line Prajje Jean- Baptise has emerged onto the fashion scene to become one of Boston’s most promising young designers. I would like to introduce you to Prajje 1983  Spring 2011 Payizan (peasant) line; a collection the designer says is inspired and drawn from the majestic and artistic cultural elements of his native home. 

For more pictures you can check out the site

I am so SORRY!

I am so sorry guys, I have been M. I. A for a while, I have been ill; I really need someone to help me blog when I am unable too. Anyhow blogging will resume as usual.