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Trend Alert: Jeans Dresses

 Grab yourself a jean dress and look fabulous.


Trend Alert: Plaid


Mad for Plaid - Fall 2011 Most Trend Fashion in NYFW image


Get Comfortable……

…….. with Chunky heels. they are more modern  and won’t hurt your feet like a stiletto would. Perfect for work and play.


Monochromatic fashion and the color red

Really hot right now, Black and white monochromatic fashion and for some reason people can’t seem to get enough of the color red enjoy, i did a piece on the color red before, but enjoy.

Candy colors

Fashion is serious stuff so once in a while just have fun with it, so………, got a sweet tooth, then try colors that pop just like candy. It has been a known trend all year and it is really fun and adventurous. I mean whatever, take the edge off . Even bridal designers are into it

Jeans Jacket

Wearing this simple and basic staple in every wardrobe  is as simple as 1,, 2, 3,which is why you should get wearing it right all the time. You  can dress  it up or dress it down. it is just one of those things in your closet that you can really work with. Below are some tips.

P air your jean with a denim pants too, just make one darker than the other. Be spunky and bold, go for colored jean jackets other than blue or black. Look for a jacket that is shaped a little to highlight your figure, but not too streamlined, you want to still look casual. Pair with dresses, they will always look cute, Skinny jeans and long tops work best with jeans jackets; Sleeveless is another way to go, sleeveless jackets give you liberty to show off tops with decorative sleeves or just more air space. Most importantly, express your style in your jean jacket the way you want to and have fun.


Going Tan…………

Leather is just one of those fabrics, that are hard to wear, because they can easily bring out the flaws in a woman’s body, which is why a lot of women like to make leather a part of their outfit via accessories, such as handbags and shoes. Leather can also be your main outfit and look fabulous with these few tips.

1. know your body shape, if you are heavier on the hips, stay away from tight leather outfit.

2. Always go for a skirt, leather is very glossy and attention seeking, to wear that on the top would be too distracting going for a skirt will draw less attention.

3. try pairing your leather piece with a soft fabric, like chiffon or tulee to soften the look.

4. Rocking a patterned leather is always good too, people tend to forget that it is a leather piece and focus on the pattern instead.

5. Wear a piece that has leather as a trimming or  a detail.

6.Black is not the only leather color….. people tend to forget this sometimes, try exotic colors in leather.

7.  If you have tried it again and again but leather does not work well for your body, it is Ok, stick to handbags, shoes and other accessories, the will work too.


Yves Saint Laurent’s A Line leather skirt Yves Saint Laurent Brings Leather Skirt Perfect for Women with Traditional Tastes

Kisses, Anyone?

We have definitely seen some funny and funky prints this year, but one became extra popular this, the kiss print. it is just fun to wear plus it is retro too, prada showed us how to rock it this year.

liv tyler style


Opulent Accents

Gold makes everything you wear look expensive and luxurious, it highlights all other colors especially neutral and cool colors. I personally do not like going gold head to toe, I prefer to add the gold with accents, jewelry, accessories et al. So add luxury and style to your outfit by accessorizing with gold.