1. To the one who has kept you alive to see this day, God

Pay your tithes and offerings and do not withhold from God his own, even add more to the 10th of God’s own.

2. For your Mother who always knows best.

Sign her up for a skill acquisition class, say a painting class, learning a new language. Trust me she will thank you for this.

3. For your Father who practically bullied you to be the best you can be. You may not fancy his method, but hey, it worked.

Buy his a comfortable functional chair or just simply spend the day with his. He would value the fact that you took time out to spend with him; go golfing or watch a game with him. He would love you even more for this.

4. For your Sister who you look up to

You want to make this something memorable. An engraved piece of jewelry or frame a memorable photo of you two when you were young.

5. For your Brother who always tried their best to protect you

A nice watch or Jacket will do.

6. For your wise Aunt who also has some sort of life tip for you

Buy her a book she will cherish or just wear one of the tacky sweater, dress or top she ever bought you and pretend to love it. This will make her happy.

7. For your Uncle who is just happy being your uncle.

A nice cologne or camera pending how rich you are.

8. For your Husband who has been your pillar all year round

Reflect, observe and buy him what he really needs.

9. For your that friend that sticks closer than skin

Those shoes she has been eyeing for a while or her favorite shade of lipstick/perfume.

10. Miscellaneous Giving: This is the time to remember the less fortunate and give freely.