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Add style and pizzazz to any outfit with the Document clutch.

Designers these days are quite innovative; now you can be both chic and functional with your style.  You can slip in your ipad or documents into your bag for work and also play up your style. win-win.

Louis Vuitton


There is a new kind of professional woman in town. She is hardworking, fierce, stylish and of course luxurious. Yes you might have guessed it, it is the luxurious working girl. She may still be finding her way up the professional ladder but her style announces her as arrived. her style is the new way to arrive at your work place. Her style is both functional and luxe; she is active but looks laid back. She is serious and playful; uptight and free. There is one word for her, it is called……..LUXE CHIC!



cute and company, cute & co., mustard blazer, striped skirt, work outfit

Cashmere Cardigan + Preppy Tee + Pencil Skirt + Cow Print Belt