Sorry I haven’t posted for a while now and yes yes I know fashion week started some days ago. By the way people anyone take a look at Marc Jacobs show at fashion week. It was a tribute to 60’s graphic pattern style. I didn’t hate it, because the silhouette and whole concept was actually very cool, but I kinda of feel like he has done something like this before. you know he is always bringing back some old style and rejuvenating it, but what about creating something new. It is so cliche but the designs were good though. If you missed it here are some pictures.

Meanwhile Katie Holmes also debut her Holmes and Yang line at fashion week. I have to say I wan’t too impressed. Celebrities should know that not everyone can be a designer, just saying. To be a designer, one must have in depth creativity and a huge fashion know how. Her line was just flat, I got nothing from it but if you want to see it here it is in pictures.