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What weight is perfect anyway?

What really is the perfect weight? I say if you are healthy and fit you have the perfect weight. Enough obsession about being a size 0 0r 2 or a perfect 10. Whatever happened to the figures above 10. All shapes are not created equal, which is why you have some size 14’s looking even slimmer than a size 10 or 8. it’s all about body structure and fitness; so why don’t we all just be content with our bodies. I say Size 2, Size 4, Size 6, Size 8, Size 10, Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, All sizes, you are all Perfect.

Vlisco Presents…..

Funky Grooves.

Shot by Wendelien Daan and inspired by global couture craftsmanship, This collection by Vlisco showcases the company’s luxe design heritage using bold design patterns,  metallic studs, upscale graphic prints, and edgy industrial hues.


Top Articles to read this Monday

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3. Copenhagen Fashion week is in session!!!!

4. Also Congo Fashion Week set to start August 17th

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50 Shades of Suits…….

Grey, Black, Blue, Red, Pastels……….. everything in between.


Vanessa Bruno @ My Wardrobe

Emmy Rossum

J. Crew


free shipping, 2012 new style,Skirt Suits,brazer suits,limited edition Super Flash diamond gem noble bow the party tight dress

Mirror Sunglasses

Unleash your inner cop……..


Hardware Shoes….. Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto makes his shoes look like  hardware stuff. I love it!

Vince Camuto Persh Sandal, $130 at Nordstrom

Weapon Jewelry

No doubt there is something bad-ass about weapon jewelry. Throw people off by pairing with a demure or soft look; that one piece of weapon jewelry could speak volumes as to just how bad you can be. Better yet go all that way, pair it with a totally edgy or strong look; let your look say I’m bad and don’t care what you think. Anyhow you wear it, you will feel hot with these accessories.

Eddie Borgo

Lethal Weapon Jewelry

Mawi London

Noir Jewlry at shopbop

Mathmatiks Jewlry


Sydney Evan




Blake Lively……… Fashion’s Wonder Girl.

She is fun, spontaneous and all so fashionable and fabulous. She is a total chameleon with her style. She takes a lot of risk with her style that pays off. She is daring, she is sexy, she is Blake Lively. Blake Lively is the ultimate fashionista.

blake lively elie saab pantsuit

Sheer skirts……. Rad or Bad

I am really indifferent to sheer skirts; for me as long as it is worn decently I’m good.


Pink Tick Clip Art Try wearing a sheer skirt with the sheer part having a lot of print to distract the eye or the skirt heavily pleated. These will take the focus off the sheer a bit.

Pink Tick Clip Art Please go heavy on the embroidery, it will help take focus off the sheer.

Pink Tick Clip Art Go classy, your skirt may be sheer but it doesn’t mean you have to look trashy. Go for a sophisticated look

Pink Tick Clip Art Well the essence of a sheer skirt is to let it all be seen but don’t go too crazy  and mistake your panties for your skirt underneath.

Trouvé Pleated Maxi Skirt

Richard Nicoll Layered Maxi Skirt


Pink X Symbol 2 Clip Art  Avoid Black, if you can. Black makes other colors including your skin more obvious and can easily make your sheer skirt look trashy.

Pink X Symbol 2 Clip Art  Don’t go too short.

Pink X Symbol 2 Clip Art Try to lean away from trashy and more to the classy side.

Aubrey O'Day butt underwear sheer lace

Ready, Set, Roll……

Would you wear this? Let your inner child come out.

Jeffrey Campbell Platform shoes at Nasty Girl