Wearing stripes, easy but wearing stripes successfully not so much. Here are tips to wear it successfully.

1. Go Vertical. This adds height to your body and gives a lurch. If you are tall stay away

2.  Going Horizontal packs on the pounds and are more suitable for petite sizes;

3.  A Single stripe. It could be on your top, side of you pants or across your dress, this is a more modern way to wear stripes without having to deal with all the issues.

4. Go Thin- The thinner the stripe, the better off you are. Enough said.

5. Texturize- A knit fabric or woven stripe works so well with everything


6. Pair with the solids- Solids colors work well with stripes.

7. The wider the stripes the bolder your statement.

8.  Play it safe with the neutral- Deciding what way to wear stripes is one thing choosing the right color is another, so save yourself the stress and go neutral.

9. Wear it as an accessory. You can never really go wrong with accessories even if they are in stripes.

10. Mix it up. Wear a fashion pieces with mixes of large stripes and smaller stripes and vast colors.

11. Jazz it up: Why not try wearing stripes adorned with glitter, embellishments or graphic art; it makes your stripe look more modern and fun.


12. Invisible Me- Now you see me, now you don’t. alternating stripes of a light fabric and a transparent fabric makes for the perfect stripe fashion.

13. Go sexy with your stripes, try zebra prints. If worn right always sexy.

14. Wearing stripe asymmetrically can make for a nice surprise.