I just wrote a piece about neon fashion and styles, so you can imagine my eyes are spinning from all that color. So I chose to continue with something more demure. I am writing about subtle glamour. You know something we as women, we tend to go over the top with our dressing; especially for a special occasion or when we are feeling like being extra  fashionable. Sometimes we forget we don’t need to scream before we are heard, or make a scene before we are noticed. We just need to find the strength in silence and subtleness. Below are examples of fashion with the hidden power of subtlety to making a wonderful outifit; I hope it inspires you Enjoy!



The Greeks wear this look well; they skip all the mish mash and wow us all with their differing styles on drapery and use of soft pastels. They truly define the word Subtle Glamour.


Grecian Style Photo Shoot For Vogue Brazil