Mint is one color I have always found intriguing. It is a delicious color yet it might be tricky to pull off. Mint is fresh, happy, refreshing and a very calming color and here is how to pull wearing this color off:

1. Wear it in a full length dress or pant and blouse. I find it easier to style mint when it is not in so many layers.

2. Wear it as an accessory. Go the opposite direction to wearing it in full length. Pick any other color for you outfit and accessorize with a mint handbag or shoe or even hair piece or nail color.

3.  Pair it with neutrals, black or white. Neutrals go with everything, so…..

4. Go Contrast. For such a mellow color, go bold. Pair with bold colors and pieces.

5. Make friends with other pastels. Mint could also go with other colors in the pastel family.