1. Black Pumps [pointed or round]: Just like an LBD is a must a black pump is crucial. Every one knows that Black goes with everything , so invest in this and you wouldn’t be sorry.

Christian Louboutin

2. Nude pumps: Another must haves. They the next best thing to the black pumps.

3. Ballet Flats, Sandals and Slipper: Are standard for every girl’s wardrobe. Especially when you need to break away from those heels and add a bit of Parisian flair to your outfit. Sandals and Slippers for oh those blissful casual days.

Giuseppe Zanotti

4. Wedges, Espadrilles, Wooden Platforms: When you want to get comfortable, sometimes ballet flats wouldn’t just do. If you an avid lover of heels but need a break every now and then, try theses, they will do the trick.


5. Metallics Evening Shoes: Metallic shoes add that flair to your closet and come in handy for dinner or upscale looks.

6. Sports Chic: Try Canvas sneakers and the likes to fulfill you inner sportiness.

7. Art Deco: Sometimes we buy things because of their beauty and artistic value and not functionality, so buying a shoe for the same reasons is no different. Buy a shoe with an interesting and artistic theme that appeals to you and makes you happy. But beware they usually cost a fortune.

Christian Louboutin

Kerrie Luft