There was a time were men didnt bother about the latest fashion as long as they were clothed they were fine. Women also want to look very femine and never wanted to be mistaken for a man. Well I need not tell you, things hae changed. Guys are no longer scared to be mistaken for being gay because of their fashion sense and beauty regime. Women want to experiment more and change up their style. The solution, we borrow from each other. These days we find men sporting skinny jeans, Purses, Scares and even daring to put on some makeup; I think my husband even has a better beauty regime than I do[I kid]. Women too are not left out, we borrow from the guys too, Tuxedos, suspenders, bow ties. it should be trifling, but it is exciting. It should be called chaos, but it works. So next time when in doubt about what to wear, reach into your partner’s closet for some inspiration. Enjoy.

Guys Borrowing from the Girls

Men’s skinny jeans

new orleans fashion mens clothing

Men are no longer afraid of color.

Men’s Scarves

Men’s Purse

Men’s Harem Pants [Seriously]

Girls borrowing from the Guys

Women in Tie

Button front vest

Female Oxfords


Military Jackets

Women in suspenders

The three piece suit

The Female Tuxedo