1. I’ prefer black or Neutrals for metalics: Because metallics are shiny, they wear on differently on various figures; but with black and neutrals you have nothing to worry about. 

2.I ‘d prefer Gold, Silver or Bronze after Black and Neutrals; it is easier to wear than a pop of color.

3. I’d also prefer accessories: Another easy way to wear metallics is by sporting it as an accessory especially if you are not sure of how it would look on you; wear a metallic show or bag or scarf and you are good to go.

Make a statement with these must-have metallic accessories

4. For Bright colors, wear metalics as a one piece as a dress or a jumpsuit. wearing bright colored metallics as separates can make you look too colorful.

5. Wear with a pop of color probably on your feet.

6. Keep your metallics to the slimmest part of the body. The light reflection will grab attention

7.You can wear it which ever way, but I’ prefer it minimal.