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What do you think about Nail Polish for guys?

I don’t mind a good manicure for my husband; but personally I think that guys wearing nail polish is too much. If it is color they are looking for, there are plenty other ways to use color. I mean seriously guys, do you really want to wear nail polish? Think about it.

Jeans vacation…Hello Corduroys

Tired of plain old jeans? Then give your jeans a break and wear corduroys. Corduroys tend to be a thick fabric so try to pair with lighter fabrics. Corduroys are very versatile, so you could dress it up or down; go corporate or casual with it. 




Sexiest shoe of the Year.

Valentino's Platform Lace Pump was voted the sexiest shoe of 2011. The heel sells for $695.

Valentino’s Platform Lace Pump was voted the sexiest shoe of 2011.  Read all about it down here Valentino\’s Platform Lace Pump was voted the sexiest shoe of 2011.

Borrowing both ways.

There was a time were men didnt bother about the latest fashion as long as they were clothed they were fine. Women also want to look very femine and never wanted to be mistaken for a man. Well I need not tell you, things hae changed. Guys are no longer scared to be mistaken for being gay because of their fashion sense and beauty regime. Women want to experiment more and change up their style. The solution, we borrow from each other. These days we find men sporting skinny jeans, Purses, Scares and even daring to put on some makeup; I think my husband even has a better beauty regime than I do[I kid]. Women too are not left out, we borrow from the guys too, Tuxedos, suspenders, bow ties. it should be trifling, but it is exciting. It should be called chaos, but it works. So next time when in doubt about what to wear, reach into your partner’s closet for some inspiration. Enjoy.

Guys Borrowing from the Girls

Men’s skinny jeans

new orleans fashion mens clothing

Men are no longer afraid of color.

Men’s Scarves

Men’s Purse

Men’s Harem Pants [Seriously]

Girls borrowing from the Guys

Women in Tie

Button front vest

Female Oxfords


Military Jackets

Women in suspenders

The three piece suit

The Female Tuxedo

Bring Out his feminine side.

I know I don’t usually blog about men’s fashion but I hae been inspired by all the courageous men out there who would dare to take this trend from the runway to the streets and wear feminine colors. It is risk by most times it pays off. Most guy I have see actually look great in these colors. I absolutely love it and I personally think there are no limits to the colors you let your guy sport; just make sure it works for him skin tone and he is Ok with it.


D&G sequin jacket

colorful menswear

jil sander spring 2011

Raf Simons Spring 2011 collection for Jil Sander

tom ford men suits collection

spring 2011 men suits

tom ford spring 2011 men suits collection

tom ford spring 2011 lookbook

Tom Ford

Living Animally….

Upscale and Chic Animal Prints Decor.

Walla and Table Lihting of Leopard Print Lampshade from Citylux

Wall Lighting of Leopard Print Lampshade from Citylux

Modern Leopard Print Lampshade from Citylux

Urban Jungle

Animal print Accessories have never looked more modern and sophisticated.

Roberto Cavalli



Kenneth Jay Lane


Jimmy Choo

Christian Louboutin

Mustard is not just for eating.

Hey Ladies; Mustard is not just for your hot-dog any more, it is a fabulous condiment to spice up your wardrobe. Mustard yellow has been pretty hot this year and we saw it again during fashion week; it is still going strong. I would definitely  wear mustard yellow head to toe, but if you are not that brave, start with the little things like accessories. Because Mustard yellow is an intense color, pair with nudes or other bold contrasting colors. With this color, there no middle grounds, you are either bold or demure.

Patch-pocket top £15, uk you can pair this with a turquoise skirt or skinnies and nude pumps.


I heart this look so much

Wearing Metallics

1. I’ prefer black or Neutrals for metalics: Because metallics are shiny, they wear on differently on various figures; but with black and neutrals you have nothing to worry about. 

2.I ‘d prefer Gold, Silver or Bronze after Black and Neutrals; it is easier to wear than a pop of color.

3. I’d also prefer accessories: Another easy way to wear metallics is by sporting it as an accessory especially if you are not sure of how it would look on you; wear a metallic show or bag or scarf and you are good to go.

Make a statement with these must-have metallic accessories

4. For Bright colors, wear metalics as a one piece as a dress or a jumpsuit. wearing bright colored metallics as separates can make you look too colorful.

5. Wear with a pop of color probably on your feet.

6. Keep your metallics to the slimmest part of the body. The light reflection will grab attention

7.You can wear it which ever way, but I’ prefer it minimal.

Fashion Meets Decor

Your home deserves to look just as good as you do, so why not design it well;You can draw inspiration from your Favorite outfits to give your home a stylish look. See some Fashion meet decor examples below.

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09-08-OutfitRoomKimber9.jpgPicture Courtesy

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