Wearing this simple and basic staple in every wardrobe  is as simple as 1,, 2, 3,which is why you should get wearing it right all the time. You  can dress  it up or dress it down. it is just one of those things in your closet that you can really work with. Below are some tips.

P air your jean with a denim pants too, just make one darker than the other. Be spunky and bold, go for colored jean jackets other than blue or black. Look for a jacket that is shaped a little to highlight your figure, but not too streamlined, you want to still look casual. Pair with dresses, they will always look cute, Skinny jeans and long tops work best with jeans jackets; Sleeveless is another way to go, sleeveless jackets give you liberty to show off tops with decorative sleeves or just more air space. Most importantly, express your style in your jean jacket the way you want to and have fun.