Leather is just one of those fabrics, that are hard to wear, because they can easily bring out the flaws in a woman’s body, which is why a lot of women like to make leather a part of their outfit via accessories, such as handbags and shoes. Leather can also be your main outfit and look fabulous with these few tips.

1. know your body shape, if you are heavier on the hips, stay away from tight leather outfit.

2. Always go for a skirt, leather is very glossy and attention seeking, to wear that on the top would be too distracting going for a skirt will draw less attention.

3. try pairing your leather piece with a soft fabric, like chiffon or tulee to soften the look.

4. Rocking a patterned leather is always good too, people tend to forget that it is a leather piece and focus on the pattern instead.

5. Wear a piece that has leather as a trimming or  a detail.

6.Black is not the only leather color….. people tend to forget this sometimes, try exotic colors in leather.

7.  If you have tried it again and again but leather does not work well for your body, it is Ok, stick to handbags, shoes and other accessories, the will work too.


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