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Personal Fav: Mixed clutches.

Eclectic and Chic


Tunics and Trousers

I found this trend on vogue feature for the autumn/winter season trend, but I think it is one that can be worn all year round, pending on how you wear it, it is easy, elegant and chic. I love it, I simply love it.



The year of Obi belts and Chokers.

This definitely the year for these two, every where you turn it is there, a lot of fashionistas have really held on to this trend and are not letting it go, an good to see the chokers having another go on the fashion scene [even though they are not my personal favorite], they always make for a good wear, they are more modern and look good most of the time.

Burnt Hues

Move over Honeysuckle, enter burnt hues. Color trends are really one of those things that do not last very long, and even though honeysuckle is the official color for the year, burnt color hues are really making rounds now and are really beautiful. Burnt orange, brnt red, mahogany blue an teal are examples of burnt hues to mention a few, they are best worn with opulent or jewel toned colors.