Wearing Neon colors can seem like a daunting tasks, but it is really not that hard. Neon colors can really spice up any outfit, just wear it as accessories like a shoe, a handbag or even jewelry or as a nail polish or you can even incorporate neon colors in your makeup, in little, subtle ways. Neon colors always work best with dark colors like black, navy blue or neutral colors like grey and white.  Neon colors are fun and spicy, but I think the best tip for wearing neon colors is simple, do not over do it as this can make you look tacky. Just little touches and you would look elegant in neon and note that when wearing your makeup neon, go one route. Pick either your eye shadow, mascara or lipstick to go neon with and keep the rest nude. If you must wear neon either as a dress or top or skirt or pants, pick one, just like your makeup, pick one aspect, wear a neon top or skirt or jacket and pair with only neutral or dark colors. If you are wearing a neon dress, keep everything else simple and basic.