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Couture Jackets ….

 Indulge in a little couture, invest in a couture jacket, trust me it will last long and can be really dressy.


Get schooled in fashion by….

Teenagers…. yes  i said it. Teenagers are really good source of inspirations for fashion, A lot of designers look to the teenage group for inspiration for some of their most sought after designs, so why can’t you too? Teenagers have very unique sense of style, they are fearless when it comes to color and texture combinations and styling as a whole [could be because they get away with everything as their age range is dubbed the experimental period] You can pick up unique styling tips and ideas just by looking at teenagers, be inspired by what they wear and translate it into a more appropriate style for your age and taste. If you look hard enough, you are sure to find unique tips and tricks that can help you in structuring your outfit; Pay Attention!

Patterned skirts and Yoke tops.

Patterned skirts are a really goo way to just glam up your look and wardrobe. They give you a more modern look and for animal or fiery patterned skirts, a more feisty look. If you are feeling vintage, do the lace skirt. Patterned skirts are the new must haves and to be on point with your patterned skirt, always go with the pattern in season, if you are felling retro go with a vintage pattern. yoke tops are great for casual styles, very comfortable and chic.



The Classic A Line

Straight, Pleated, draped, frilled, layered, corporate, or casual, the  A line silhouette  is very classic for dresses, skirts, tunic jackets. It is flattering to every figure and very stylish.

Fashion Fav: Tribal Heels


Ethnic “Explosion” Style

Ethnic Prints are Funky and great for fashion.  Though not new in the world of fashion, this trend is still high in demand even grabbing a spot in this years trend list.Trust me it is every where you look.




Semi-Hard Feminine

This Upcoming trend is ultra feminine without the frills or fuss, it is all clean, luxurious and elegante with a little bit of edgy. Talk about edgy sophistication. You can achieve this look by taking the feminine dressing route but with a more polished effect without the frills or fuss and add a splash of edginess to it, or better still pick up pieces that embody all this features and strut your stuff.



Waterfall. . . .

Drape like a waterfall. Comfortable and chic.


I love Button Skirts


Button up skirts, great for casual to corporate outings and fits right into my comfort dressing style because you can put it on or take it off quickly…


Sophisticated Pleats…