I am no expert on baby bumps but I do know yo should not look frumpy because you are pregnant, rather you should be glowing and I am not just talking abot your natural glow, I am talking about taking the extra time to look gorgeous and sexy. I know may be thinking what is sexy about adding a few pounds, I will tell you what is sexy about it, the fact that you are bringing a precious life into this world and you are looking gorgeous doing so. When dressing your bump, here are a few tips:

1. When pregnant you really don not have much of a wait line anymore as the bump fills it out so the next best thing is to outline is your bust line. Go for beautiful empire waistline dresses,

2. Kaftans are your friend and you can get beautiful varieties now.

3.Wrap dresses made that tie at the back are also good choices.

4. Comfortable fabrics to wear are usually the stretchy fabrics, Chiffon and Linen.

5.Some pregnant women are strong enough to rock heels but I do not advice it, go for wedges instead or ballet flats and sandals, much more comfortable and stylish.

6.You could also rock stylish capes when you are pregnant[This funny to me because I feel personally that the only time a cape actually looks good is on a pregnant woman. Capes to are not flattering on anyone except you are wearing a bump].

7. Wearing dark colors on the top can help camouflage the actal size of your bump, and keep jewelry to a minimum.

8. Bottom line avoid tight clothing, ensure to be comfortable and let your bump do all the talking by flaunting it,

9. Stripes make you look HUGE.

10. Avoid open ended pleats they add width to your size.

The best tip to looking fab while pregnant is to keep fit and eat healthy so you can look stylish.

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