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Jewelry Genius…..Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar is just so…………….. amazing. His jewelry pieces are so beautiful, and chic. His pieces are so unique and exotic. Jewelry can easily cross the border  from looking like a costume to being fine, but he balances that line very well and his attention to detail impeccable. His designs are truly inspiring. With this much talent, it is hard to believe he is self taught, no wonder his pieces are so unique.


Luxury Collar Jewelry

Very Vintage. Very Eclectic. Very Sexy. Very Beautiful


Modern Jeweled Necklines

The jeweled neckline look is old but is now all modern. It has been transformed from the heavy embellished neckline to a more sophisticated and modern jeweled neckline.


O.M.G Shoes



Bold, Bright Lips

Wearing a bold lip color is never easy, it takes serious swag to do so. You may be worried about looking like a clown or just being totally out of place but as long as you stick to hues that suit your skin and colors in trend you will be fine. I particularly think it is funny to even try fashion color trends on your lips like color blocking or ombre lol.

Luxury Wood

Wooden purses are huge statement pieces. Whether plain or painted, wooden purses are really cool to have and can serve as a great luxury addition to your wardrobe. A wooden purse[ or any wooden accessory] is not influenced by seasonal trend or color or any kind of trend. Wooden purses are classic, and vintage and a must have.



Brian Atwood Shoes

Really his name should be called Brian “Artwood”, because he really talented. Check out Brian Atwood shoes. His designs are simple, yet eclectic. These are not designs you would expect from something that looks so simple

Brian Atwood Shoes Fall 2009

Brian Atwood Shoes Fall 2009

Classic Handbags

Just like the Ladylike , Classic shoes, the bags this year are pre-70’s. 

Shoe of the Day


 Brian Atwood’s “Greta” Leather Shoe

Classic Shoes.

In case you did not notice class, ladylike shoes are really in this year making their way back from the pre-70’s era. Louis Vuitton featured it in their autumn-winter 2011/12; Tory Burch is another designer that loves to dish out ladylike shoes. I really like them because they are really comfortable, anything comfort, sign me up.

Fashion Accessories

Tory Burch Heels - Black - Tory Burch Shoes - TC06

Tory Burch Heels - Red - Tory Burch Shoes - TC07

KG CARVELA SHOES edit1 Party shoes under £250: Carvela Grow velvet pump

Tory Burch Heels - Black - Tory Burch Shoes - TC12