Help his Embrace his Feminine side.

I know that I don’t normally write about men’s style, truth is I am writing about men’s style for the women in their lives to take note. Often times men are too shy to tap into that feminine side of them to find a style that suits them. A lot of guys shy away from colors such as pink, purple, lilac and “feminine” colors , when really these are the colors that make them appealing, colors that suit them, they just have to know how to wear them, that is where the women in their lives [you guys], come in. Often time men need help to find their style or get experimental; ladies should encourage them, follow him to a store, help them try on things you think suits them, their physique, eyes, face structure and personality, most of all they have to like it and be comfortable. Allow them take risks, carry a man purse, try a forward haircut, don a leopard scarf or whatever, just encourage them to embrace their feminine side, it usually the most stylish side of all.

Two men I so admire for just working it and looking stylish are Scott Disick, and Terence Sambo, they always experiment and look  good always.

Photo: Courtesy of Harvard Yard