I want to introduce a new jewelry designer I just heard about Miss Udy Ugwu, she is the C.E.O of Addict Jewelry, a graduate of Enugu State University of Science and Technology. All I had to do was take a look at one of her pieces and I  was hooked.

Addict is an exclusive line of jewelry, their pieces are designed to be timeless, they are cut and produced by only the best,  Dhamani: a Dubai leading brand in manufacturing and supplies of precious and semi precious stones with exclusive marketing rights for the 99facet Dubai cut diamond.

Their mission,  to create a dazzled world with our Jewelry. Their sole aim is for every woman to own at least a piece of Addict because they understand that every woman’s desire is to look beautiful, feel beautiful and be beautiful hence their quest to design amazing jewelries to promote beauty. Addict won’t just sell jewelry, it is selling the value of whatever piece of jewelry you buy, hence one of their motto is “the promise of pure elegance”.

At Addict their products  gemmed with pure stones are offered with a one year warranty to include services as polishing, production of customized jewelry and engraving.

How it all Started

Addict has been skirting the borders of the eastern Nigeria since 2010. Designer Udy Ugwu says, “I always defined class and luxury from a person’s jewelry collection”. Using both the original stones supplied and bought from mines across continents and the laboratory stones produces in labs, she sought to produce amazing pieces of jewelry both for those who can afford diamonds and for those who cant, but still want to be stylish, catering  for all fashion lovers.

For Her Inspiration she says,  Finding good  extraordinary pieces of jewelry has always been hard. Nigeria people being fashionable people search far and wide to find rare jewelry pieces. I have an aversion to wearing the same jewelry as the next person.
Addict will stand out in the rarity of our pieces. We give brides the satisfaction of picking or designing their own wedding band, men the pleasure in wearing beautiful cufflinks and tie tics that are engraved and ladies  the luxury in going for an occasion and standing out because you have a piece of an addict jewelry on .
Annually, a percentage of what we make will go to charity homes, people who where not  as privileged to make a place in the society as a result of limited resources or educational instability.

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