For years satin has always been popular for it;s classy and elegant appeal especially when used right. My favorite fabrics to mix it with are just a simple vintage lace or a tulle fabric. To me it really brings out the elegance of the satin fabric. When you wear it you feel glamorous and if you pick the right dress you can also feel sexy too! For a touch of elegance just add a satin piece to your wardrobe. It is also one fabric that makes you stand out as it brings a lot of attention. Wearing satin could be tricky; Satin is one of those fabric that is you are not slim you cannot wear it fitted, so you do not bulge in all the wrong places. But not to worry as you can also go for a flare or draped piece rather than a fitted one, it could even just be a top worn right, all you need is a touch and you will be feeling elegant all night.