This year started on a buzzing note. Fashion shows here and there, plus fashion week too; All this travelling around for various shows made me think of writing about jet setting style. When you travel you want to be stylish, functional, light and still arrive  style. This may be a hard tasks to combine but with a little help it is possible.

1. Choose functional clothing with alot of hidden pockets and storage to keep your phone or important pieces so you do not have to carry a bag.

2. Cotton Lycra is a fabric of choice as it would hardly wrinkle up.

3. Stay away from Satin, chiffon, linen any fabric that would wrinkle.

4. Jeans is your best friend for travelling plus you can style it up and make it stylish and luxurious.

5. Pick tailored khakis.

6. Stick to a palette of 2 or 3 colors.

7. Have a jacket or coat in hand as it usually gets cold up there.

8. Even the simplest of outfits could be styled up by jewelry, but don’t over do it you want to be comfortable and not constantly pushing stuffs.

9. A nice medium sized tote is good for travelling, a belt purse is even better.

10. Look at where you are heading to and dress for the occasion. If you heading to a vacation spot dress stylishly but down, breezy and light, let your dressing fit into your location.

11. A wrap dress is also a good travel piece, also a centered or loose tops and leggings and short sleeved clothing is even the best.

12. Think for your feet. As you would be moving around a lot, flat sandals, wedges, ballet flats or low heels are shoes of choice.

model on runway with bag