Here is the official collection statement from Tiffany Amber:

Prepare to be seduced by the sensual style of our Spring/Summer 2011 collection tagged “Raw Glamour”. Chic contrasts; from 70’s glamour and dazzling bright colours, to our lacy affair and our iconic airy silks come together to create a vibrant collection.

Think breakfast in Capri, lunch in St Tropez and dance the night away in the heydays of Studio 54 and you have Raw Glamour, a collection inspired by the allure of the 70’s style icons who’s elegance has been present in many of the Tiffany Amber collections.

‘This season, I had an image of a glamorous and exotic Tiffany Amber woman who loves to provoke and seduce with cheeky opulence- I used aqua, spring green, daffodil, white, and iris for a sophisticated and confident elegance’.

Suiting softened with a long and oversized boyfriend Jacket, fluid trousers, silk shirts and our classic flowy dresses come together to help you navigate the summer fashion landscape.