Temmini couture is a clothing line started by Temi Olowu, 2nd year law student at the London School of Economics. TC which stands for Temmini Couture specialises in casual outfits for the younger generation but also designs more dressier pieces for more special occasion, the name Temini is yourba for ‘It is mine’. It originates from the designer’s full name which is Temiloluwa.

The aim of TC is make affordable clothing for young ladies between the ages of 15-27. I had a chance to interview her. Enjoy.

Q: What inspires you as a designer?

A: As a designer I feel its important to be conscious of everything in your surroundings. Im inspired by just about anything and everything I come into contact with. My desings always have an ethnic feel, even if its simply the material or the way in which iv designed the outfit- so I’d say im heavily influenced by my trips to lagos.

Q: What choice of fabric do you specialize in?

A: I love working with chiffon and tafetta, i usually mix these with traditional Anakara material. I specialise in anakara. No matter what i make, I always like to spice it up with an ethnic look, damask and anakara are great for this.

Q: When you design what kind of woman do you have in mind?

A:When i design i usually have a trendy, outspoken young lady in mind. TC usually comprises of bright colours so you have to be quite bold and want to make a statement. A key feature of Temmini Couture is making affordable clothing, so i envisage a lot of students wearing my clothing.

Below is some pictures from her collection.