Style is something that is personal, it is not something you can borrow off the runway or off the rack [because what looks good on a model may not look good on you], it is something you have to cultivate for yourself. Getting your own style will not only make you feel confident, but it would also make you feel special and unique as you know no body else in the whole world could ever look like you. Getting your own style and owing it is as easy as one two three.

1. The Basics: Just like buildng anything in life you have to start from the ground up, so also with building your own style, get the basics, the ever classic white shirt, a blazer or structured jacket preferably n neutral tones, denim, always a staple, the little black dress, flats, a well balanced pump that you can walk in, a light airy cashmere sweater, Timeless jewelry like pearls, classic gold, a watch[preferably a man’s watch as they are more timeless].

2. Personalize: Once you have the basics then you begin to personalise your closet, select pieces that interest you, pieces that appeal to you, now dont confuse this for trends on the runway or in stores, but really ask yourself and search your in diva persona as to what you really like and build it around your basics.

3. Finishing Touches: After you are done building, put the icing on the cake by adding accesories, personal items to your style. Accesories are huge statement pieces so yet again pick things that you absolutely love and are timeless, if you pick a bag, make sure it is one that is both stylish and fucntional for what you do, if you pick a shoe make sure you can walk in it and you love it. Also add personal items like say a locket given to you by some one dear, souvenirs from your travels alike a coral bracelet. pieces everyting to work together.

Enjoy finding the stylish new you. Cheers!