W- White Shirt.You should have at least 3 to 4 white shirts in your closet. It is the basic of all basics because you can pair any color with a white shirt any separates will go with a white shirt.

X- X-fashion. Just like X boyfriends, you have to get rid of old……clothes, especially if you are not wearing them. Give them away, throw them away or alter them to suit new styles. But them let clothes that are not in use sit in your wardrobe. This will help you have a fully functional closet.

Y-Yuppie. There is nothing wrong in being a fashion yuppie. Invest in fashion pieces especially vintage pieces and your closet would always be glamorous n powerful.

Z- Zara.  Yes Zara. I believe in balancing your closet, remember I talked about Chanel for B, Zara is a cheaper way to fashionize. Plus their clothes are really cool and they carry a lot of basics that can help in balancing out your closet, plus they are affordable.

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