O- Organization. Organize your closet space. 50% should make up for Essentials and mix and match piece to create various looks. 20% should be Party/Evening wear, 10% should be for Comfort wear 10% Accessories, 6% Couture[splurge] and 4% Wild card go crazy with that percentage. Bottom line be organised so that you can get more wears out of your closet; When shopping be organised draw up a list buy all your needs first then splurge with the remaining cash.

P- Prints. Prints breathe live into any closet. I prefer a flowery print and others but other people may differ. I choose flowery prints because  they go with anything and can be dressed up or down. Animal prints  are also cool, you can say fierce with that.

Q- Quality. You heard it before and I say it again choose quality over quantity. I would rather have a quality piece that would last and become a vintage wear that I know I can always re-wear later than to indulge in cheap fashion, ahhhh….. Not a good idea.

R- Research. Know your Size, Shape and what color goes with your skin tone and eye color. Trust me this will save you a lot of dilemma when you go shopping. I have seen a lot of ladies who find shopping tedious because they are not aware of certain basic information that they should know. It’s essential it would save you time money and enable you dress like a pro.

To be Continued…