I- Ink, Ink, Ink; Go bold with colors, Ber not afraid to put on color only make sure it goes well with your skin tones and eye color. visit http://www.fashion-modeling-online.com/eye-colors.html and http://www.wikihow.com/Complement-Your-Hair-and-Skin-Colors-with-Clothing-and-Makeup to further educate yourself on what goes better with your skin and eye color.

J- Jeans. This is a staple for every closet male or female, it can be worked into a corporate outfit or just left casual, be sure to have 1 black jeans, 1 dark blue jean, a skinny jean, a boot cut and a wild card which must be a colored jean, if you are scared of colored jeans ease yourself into it by trying a grey colored jeans first. You are good to go.

To be Continued …