E- Expert Tailor. You need an Excellent tailor, I can’t stress this enough. A lot of times you would go shopping find what you like or need but it may not be your size that is where a tailor comes in. Also if you have old clothes you can take them for alterations to get a new style and use out of them saves you money and updates your wardrobe.

F- French Allure. Every woman needs a bit a touch of Parisian glam in her closet, whether a touch of lace, lace accessories, pearls, unique, . whimsical outfits, French allure is important. It can make your closet feel luxurious.

G- Go Grecian, there is something about greek inspired fashion that says fun, sophisticated, vintage, luxury,ethereal, soft, flowery, powerful and light . I mean who wouldn’t want that, who doesn’t love vintage. Common ladies need I say more.

H-Have something expensive in your wardrobe, whether a diamond piece or a Couture outfit, this gives your closet a sense of luxury.