C- Chanel… Yes that is my C, Nobody knows fashion like Chanel, if you want elegance, style and luxury CHOOSE Chanel. An LBD from Chanel, Chanel purse, these are staples and must haves for every….. woman.

D-  Dresses. Pick a dress over separates it cheaper and its a one piece throwover, you dont have to think of looking for matching separates, you are dressed and ready to go. I believe in have three kinds of dresses

1. The Knockabout dress: This is the every and anywhere dress that is versatile for any occasion and place with a little accesorizing and touch-ups. You should be able to wear this dress to every where.

2. The LBD: This is the dress every lady must have, it is essential because if you donot have what to where you can never go wrong with this dress.

3. And lastly the Occasion Dress: This is a dress for “special” occasions such as wedding, important events and galas. Usually this dress I would advise to be like a blank canvas, to be plain with little drama to it, so that for each occasion you can use accessories to change up your looks so you don’t end up wearing the same look to all events.

To be Continued…