10-06-12-Tracy-Miu Miu Black Deerskin Leather Tote 01

For day time I have this Miumiu deer skin leather bag, its not my only bag but it is my favorite which is why I chose it to represent whom I am. This bag say how busy my style through the day is but I still like to keep it easy and convenient [hence the size, I can just throw stuff in there]; this bag shows that though I like to keep it easy doesn’t mean I want it to be less elegant I want to combine all the elements of style with comfort.

Marc Jacobs Tweed Sequins Debbie Mini Bag

For night time i usually love metallic because they go with anything but If am not carry a metallic purse, I love to go easy with something hat cold make my hands free when I need them to be so I reach for my marc Jacobs tweed sequins Debbie bag purse

Basically for these two baglooks it’s about comfort and stylish elegance and glam, some people may want to play it up a bit or be more demure, some people are wild,

So What dos your handbag say about you?