Wearing a romper is not the easiest thing in the world, Most girls are not a fan of it, for extremely….. skinny girls its somewhat flattering but still yet some women have problems wearing it try these tips:

1. Make it your own by adding accessories your own way but keep it minimal.

2. if you found a romper you like but it is ill fitted, take it to a tailor to work some magic.

3. Pair with a fitted boyfriend blazer, a pair of brogues, a chic fedora, separately or together for a more sleek look.

4. The good thing about rompers is that they could be made to fit different look whether sporty, luxurious, bohemian so get accessories to create the look stylishly.

5. Be a little more natural with your makeup if you have to flatter your romper with accessories.

6. A classy flat purse is the last touch you need for your romper.

7. This is just one of those things we wish all women of all shapes and sizes could wear but no…, rompers are very unforgiving and look best on a very particular body-type. That body-type would be a very lean female of average height, with long legs, a completely flat stomach and not much of a booty.