This Diamond-encrusted Tanaka Platinum Handbag designed by a Japanese jewellery maker Ginza Tanaka.

This bag is bot spacious enough to hold your any essentials, only admitting some small make-up. But if you take this as the licence to swagger merely, well, you have come to the right shop,

The surface of this shiny and silvery bag is cover with 2182 diamonds, 208 carats total weight. The overall body is crafted by platinum, pure hand-made, and even the strap is also ornamented with exoensive diamonds, what a luxury indeed!!! Maybe some of you will think there is not a lot that is going to surprise the customer, for using diamonds and platinum is so common. However, you may not know it, this bag is designed so unique and versatilely, because the diamond shoulder strap could be removed by you to wear it as a necklace or bracelet. What’s better, the 8 carat weight diamond shaped in pearl is big enough to use it as the brooch.

The hefty  price tag for this beauty is $1.63 million. Beauty does not comes cheap!!!