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Kerry Washington: Diva Now, Always…..and Forever.

The Many styles of Kerry Washington.

She has a daring sense of style and rarely goes wrong. She is always elegant and goes out of the box with her fashion but it works for her. She loves bold pieces and is always so confident in her style and knows what fits her and goes for it. She rarely goes wrong. She is one fashionista to look out for.

Banana Republic Spring Collection

WHAT\’S RIGHT NOW Check Out Banana Republic\’s Spring Collection!

I heart Jason Wu!

His clothes are always, always beautiful, he knows how to work a female bod and his clothes are always hot, hot, hot!!! Celebs who love his clothes are U.S First lady Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon. He shot to fame when Michelle Obama wore one of his designs for her husband’s inauguration ball in 2009.

Michelle Obama in Jason Wu

Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu

Fashion Health: Start Jumping for Joy!


Kids jump all the time but what about us adults, we probably should be jumping too try theses jump exercises for a sexy figure and great health.

1) Bounds – Commence jogging followed by a push off with the right leg, and with an extended stride bring the left leg forward (knee bent and thigh parallel to the floor). At the same time, the left arm should reach forward for further momentum. Attempt to hold the extended stride for a brief time, and then land on the left foot and immediately leap forward again.

To maximise this jumping exercise, continue to perform the extended stride continuously on each foot and cover as much distance as possible. Recommended sets are one to three set over 30-40 metres.

2) Hurdle Hopping – This jumping exercise involves the hip and knee for jump movements. The hurdles are set in a row, and spaced at an appropriate distance away.  Whilst standing straight on 2 feet, jump forward over the hurdles and then immediately spring or jump over the next hurdle. Lift with your knees together, tucked against the chest and land on the balls of the feet, and immediately continue the next jump exercise sequence over the subsequent hurdles. Use both arms to swing up for balance and increase vertical leap. Recommended sets are one to three sets over 6 to 8 hurdles(36 inches high) for this jumping exercise.

3) Single Leg Hopping – The aim of this jumping exercise is to stand on one leg, and push off from the standing leg, jumping forward and landing on the same leg. Use the opposite leg as a balance and for forward motion. With each jump, aim to jump higher. Recommended jumping exercise set is one to three over 30-40 metres.

4) Tuck Jumps – Standing straight, jump up grabbing both knees to the chest.As the feet return to the starting position, land on the balls of the feet and immediately spring up in a quick upward motion.

5) Rope jumping (a.k.a. rope skipping, skip roping, jump rope) is, however, an excellent form of exercise that you should consider if you are looking for a way to keep fit, train for another sport, or just to have fun.

14 Sexy New Things to Do With Your Hair Beauty:

1. EXPENSIVE TASTES: Thierry Mugler Womanity Eau de Parfum, $78 Cutting-edge molecular mixing fuses fig and caviar.

2. SEXY SCENT: Guess Seductive Eau de Toilette, $40 Channel your inner pinup with this warm, woodsy black-currant blend.

3.  FOR TOMBOYS: Givenchy Play Eau de Parfum Intense, $73  brings sexy back  with this orchid-and-amyris wood blend.

4. A BIT OF HONEY: S by Shakira Eau de Toilette, $28 The sultry songbird’s jasmine-and-amber tonic hits the right notes.

5.  SPARKLING NOTES: Yves Saint Laurent Belle d’Opium Eau de Parfum, $70 Created for grandes dames and coquettes, this iconic remake boasts peach notes.

Top 3 Fashion News

1. Obedient Sons is back with their new Hutson line:

The husband-and-wife duo behind this fashion label Obedient Sons is back with their new Hutson line, which includes this boiled wool ruffle dress

2.Ban of the Mini: MINI SKIRTS have been banned from the Italian town of Castellammare di Stabilia, after its major, Luigi Bobbio, complained of falling levels of decency,9636#

3. Issey Miyake recieves award: ISSEY MIYAKE will receive Japan’s Order of Culture honour by the country’s Emperor Akihito next Wednesday.

10 Tips for Healthy Hair

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