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Nigerian Fashion @ 50: 5 Major Highlights.

1. Shade Thomas Fahm; One of the Pioneers of Nigerian fashion, she kick started Nigerian fashion industry designing elegant clothes.

2. Afrobeat fashion. Fela did not only bring the music but the fashion as well.

3. Nigerian Fashion week: pioneered by lexy mojo eyes, Nigeria took another leap in fashion by getting together every year to do this.

4. Late 80’s/ Early 90’s crash of our textile industry: Nigeria used to be the third  largest exporter of textiles before the emergence of oil

5.  Nigerian fashion industry grows steadily but surely: Nigerian designers have increased and are taking over major runways in the world and Nigerians have fallen in love with our prints again.

Over the years Nigerians fashion have been largely influenced by the western world but we hold our own; Our industry is still not there yet but we will get there. With originality and creativity we will take over the world.

Trending: Fully skirted dresses

Fully skirted dresses are really in right now, louis vuitton does it so well.

Go…,Electrify the World!

This season turn heads and electrify every room or space you enter with your fashion, wear block colors and eye popping colors that are making waves on major runways but be sure to balance it out with lighter hues such as beige, grey, cream or navy.