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It’s your turn Guys!!!

After today for the next 2-4 days I want to hear what you guys think about the blog and you could also send in topic I can paste on the blog for you or suggest fashion topics and trends you will love to see up. Send me a mail

Hey Fashion people, Its Your week!!! Take control

Haute Bags from Marc Jacobs

The Accessory Route

Dressing up in not an easy thing especially with so many trends out there and the pressure to look your best always, but dressing up can be made easy with accessories. Switch up your dressing processing by picking your accessories first, this helps you lay a foundation to select the perfect outfit that goes with your accessories. Below are some accessories

1. A Scarf

2. Jewelry

3. Handbags.

4. Shoes.

5. Hair pieces

6. Sunglasses

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