When we talk about beauty we think chemicals bottled in fancy containers, at least thats the way I see it. Every lady’s dream is a healthy more natural, more easy way to do things relating to fashion and beauty, every lady wants to easily lose weight, dress up, live and also to carry out her beauty regime. There are numerous Natural products and ways to carry out your beauty regimen. Here is  a Tip, I have been carrying out this beauty regime since I heard of it and believe me it works. Say bye bye to chemical ridden facial washes and masks and say hello to a more natural way; Olive oil, berries and sugar. Simply mash the berries, mix the sugar and olive oil together and add the berries, blend and as easy as that you have yourself a natural facial scrub. I give good testimony when I say your face will be smooth instantly. Keep doing it at least four times a week and you will see lasting results. If you want to take it over the edge after washing off the natural scrub apply Shea butter or any other natural moisturizer you know. Do this and you are minutes away from an all natural smooth face.