A. k. a. shopping without thinking, A. k. a buying what you don’t need. People who engage in impulsive buying are usually called shopaholics or fashion freaks. People who engage in impulsive buying usually focus on one aspects of their wardrobe; it could be Bags, shoes, jewelries, apparel or even makeup and skin products. This is a habit most ladies pick up when they discover their love for fashion. It’s hard to believe that even with the hard economy, something such as “impulsive shopping” exists for some ladies, but trust me it does. There are lots of ladies with the bank account for it. Some ladies actually confuse impulsive shopping with a compulsory act.
I have a friend who is a total shopaholic; I went to her house last week and met her setting up her new bed stand. What greeted my eyes was an array of footwear on the floor. I used the word “footwear” because there was every kind of shoe from pumps, to high heeled sandals to flats to slippers to boots, sling backs, name it. I mean she had 40 pairs of pumps alone not to talk of the others. I was perplexed, why I would want to own more shoes than I can wear; I surely can’t wear them all.
Impulsive shopping is not just limited to women alone, some men also engage in this act especially men who love fashion. Men’s suits hardly have any difference in style so it beats me why guys would want to have five pairs of the same color of suits that people may not be able to tell apart?
Ladies carry out the act of Impulsive shopping for various reasons. Maybe their friends are buying stuffs and it would be cool for them to have it also, they probably don’t have use for it but then they buy it anyway, if it’s on sale it must go home with them, if they saw it on a fashion show or it’s a popular fashion trend, they must own it, some ladies say shopping makes them feel good and serves as good therapy. It’s time we get help and protection against this temptous evil called impulsive shopping.
Even if impulsive shopping is not affecting your pockets, even if you consider shopping a good therapy, whatever the reason, surely it could be affecting you negatively. How? You might ask, well here is how
1. For one people might think you are going crazy to have 6 or more pairs of shoes in the same color.
2. It keeps you from saving or acquiring assets.
3. It could affect your loved ones.
4. It could amount to clutter if and when it gets out of control.
5. It makes you appear wasteful.
If you agree with me and want to change your impulsive shopping ways, then you need to plan your shopping trips and downsize on your current excesses, here’s how:
1. Understand wants versus needs .if your hand bag is peeling, you NEED a new handbag, if you have various handbags in various colors and still want to buy a new one, and then you WANT a new handbag. Notice the difference. Before you buy anything ask yourself this all important question. DO I REALLY NEED THIS?
2. DISCIPLINE, DISCIPLINE, DISCIPLINE!!! Plan your shopping trips and arrangements yearly, monthly, weekly, depending on how you like to shop. Budget for how much you want to take shopping and STICK TO IT.
3. When shopping leave all your ATM Cards and all credit cards at home and take only budgeted cash with you.
4. When you are tempted to shop on impulse think of charities and NGO’s you could donate to and help who need the money, rather than you wasting it. At the end of the day even if you don’t want to give out your money, you would be forced to do something useful with it.
5. Avoid discount houses on window that has SALES on it avoid. Don’t talk yourself into buying an item because it’s on sale, Realize that that sales occur every day.
6. If you must window shop do so after shops must have closed. But if you must do so during the day leave your wallets and ATM’s at home.
7. When you feel the urge to shop on impulse. Find something else to do to take your mind off it. Read a book, Cook, go for a walk, watch a movie, call a friend.
8. With a whole day before you may want to make an unwanted purchase. Think about it. Remind yourself that the shop is not running away and think carefully if you really need it.
9. Impulsive Shopping is a dangerous habit that enslaves you, your financial future and hurts your loved ones and must be dealt with in every individual. If after all that is said is done, and still you can’t overcome Impulse shopping, Pray to God to help you.