Who says women cannot be sexy at work? Who says work clothes cannot be playful? Most women look fabulous going to other places but to work they just look drab. it is like an unknown trend to just sport a basic suit or a plain shirt and skirt. Whatever happened to the romantic blouses, the pin-up skirts and sexy work dresses? Truth be told women can be sexy and professional. Learn to pretty up your suits with a chic footwear, or a statement bag. Even if your outfit is dull, Accessories are just the spice you need to get things cooking. Accessories are a quick and easy way to update any outfit. For not so formal working environments, wear a print dress and pair it with a cool jacket. there are so many stylish corporate dresses out there. there are frilled A-lined skirts that you can pair with a jacket and nice Accessories. Dressing for work does not have to be a bore.

The way women dress to work is a tad bit too retro to me. the Language most women’s office wear gives is that they are tired and stuffy. I think its time women show that they can be stylish and efficient. You don’t have to look aged before you can be taken seriously.

People do not understand that looking their best is good therapy. It boosts Energy and Efficiency levels and ups one’s confidence. How do you expect to put in your best at work when you do not feel and look your best on the outside.

There is a saying “Dress the way you want to be addressed”. Are you a CEO, Business- Owner,top or normal level employee, it does not mattter as long as you are walking the corridors of a corporate establishment and bearing thier ID Cards, you need to look your best always. If you want Business partners, Colleagues, and ultimately your clientele to take you seriously, you don’t only have to put on your game face, but also your fashionable Armour.

Looking your best  does not apply only to being outdoors or for party occassions, NO! Whatever you are doing whether it is being at home, at  work,  leisure time, wherever, you never know who is watching you. People define who you are by what they see.

So Ladies take your office style from drabulous to fabulous office chic and feel good about yourself and be more efficient.