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Fashion Trivia: Guess Who?

I am a fashion designer

I am a lawyer

I specialize in ready-to-wear, haute couture, jewelery, leather goods and accessories.

I  have showed at Nokia face of Africa, Genevieve Pink Ball, MTN Style, Econet, Thisday Style, True Love, Cape town Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Arise Africa Fashion Week.

I am a Recipient of Arise Fashion Awards 2009.

Who am I.

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5 Fashion Do’s:

1. Do go Timeless: While it is good to follow trends. Being you and dressing stylish for all ages beats all trends.

2. Do go for a Pop of color: Most people are afraid to try color, but be fearless; when going for color, choose colors that match your skin tone. Determine if your skin goes best with warm or cool colors and start from there. Also when wearing colors together pick colors that coordinates.

3.  A Do: Must haves for every wardrobe:

a. A white shirt [ always a staple].

b. The right Undergarments[ Tucks, Bras et all]

c. A fitted blazer in black or brown: easy to throw or any outfit and always looks good.

d. A pair of black denim: very easy to pair with any top and can even be used in a casual outfit.

e. A good scarf or shawl[ we never see the need but trust me when the need arises we know].

f. A high waisted skirts: alway chic and slims all body types.

g. LBD’s: Little Black Dress are staples  and is a must for every wardrobe as they ALWAY comes in handy.

h. A pair of Heels: whether a heel person or not, invest in a pair of pumps even if it is a few inches, there are just       some few occasions that definitely calls for it.

i.  Prints: these are just cool and can take you from work to the beach or dining and wining easily; just make sure you pick one that is sure to suit all occasions.

j. A good Handbag ; we all have various handbags, but you must have one bag that really speaks to you and is multi purpose bag.  Something classic and stylish that you could practically use on anything.

4. Do Pearls: They are classic and stylish need I say more.

5. Do always emphasize your best feature: Got Great legs, Wears short skirts.

5 Fashion Don’ts:

1. Don’t  wear too much pattern on pattern. Clashing patterns is a fashion offence. some fashion patterns go with others but don’t get carried away in the prints store.

2. Wear figure hugging clothes if you dont have a smooth shape void of all the extras and contours, that is just bad fashion.

3. Don’t assume that you must always match the color of your clothes with your shoes and bags. Just look for colors that go well together.

4. Vintage is in but never over do it. There  is nothing worse than dressing  like a teenager just cos of a few lessons gone wrong in color.

5. Don’t wear uncomfortable fashion. While it is true that some people may want to suffer for fashion, being chic and comfortable is always best.

5 Fashion Myths: Lies, Lies, Lies.

1. Black is Boring: Trust me this is a lie. Blavk is the most chic color to wear cos it can be worn to every and all occassions, just pair with the right accessories and you are well on your way.

2. Black never goes with Navy: this is so wrong. Black and navy go pretty good togther and make for a perfect timeless, elegant outfit.

3. Strips make all women wider: Not true, strips looks goo on people with narrow shoulders, slender hips and small breasts, but fuller figured ladies and busty ladies should stay clear of stripes.

4. Mix and Match prints is a no no: Well not quite so if you must wear mixed patterns keep the design or color  in the same as the other pattern. Mix and match smaller and larger patterns together.

5.  White from the waist down is bad. Not true ladies.  Depends on body types  Longer legs can rock it but when it comes to wearing white, I suggest wearing it from head to toe in say a dress form. monochromatic colors actually elongates the body.

Trending: Nudes

Nudes are so hot right now. if you are Light in complexions look for more of a rosey, pinky shade, where as darker complexions can go more taupe. There are various palette of nude, not just one shade, so it goes from very, very pale skin all the way to a more sandy color and stone color and even shades of gold.  To wear nudes in the right way you just want to make sure it doesn’t wash you out or it’s not too close to your own natural color. Just look for something that’s not going to be your exact flesh tone. Also nude accessories such as handbags and a killer pump is a must. So get  shopping and be nude chic.

Trending: Prints!!!

Print Dresses are really trending right now. So whether to wearing it to work, dinner or just as a casual outfit prints are in.

Try bold and flattering prints. You could try leopard, zebra, cheetah, flowery and even our very own African prints.

Let’s Take it up a Notch!

Who says women cannot be sexy at work? Who says work clothes cannot be playful? Most women look fabulous going to other places but to work they just look drab. it is like an unknown trend to just sport a basic suit or a plain shirt and skirt. Whatever happened to the romantic blouses, the pin-up skirts and sexy work dresses? Truth be told women can be sexy and professional. Learn to pretty up your suits with a chic footwear, or a statement bag. Even if your outfit is dull, Accessories are just the spice you need to get things cooking. Accessories are a quick and easy way to update any outfit. For not so formal working environments, wear a print dress and pair it with a cool jacket. there are so many stylish corporate dresses out there. there are frilled A-lined skirts that you can pair with a jacket and nice Accessories. Dressing for work does not have to be a bore.

The way women dress to work is a tad bit too retro to me. the Language most women’s office wear gives is that they are tired and stuffy. I think its time women show that they can be stylish and efficient. You don’t have to look aged before you can be taken seriously.

People do not understand that looking their best is good therapy. It boosts Energy and Efficiency levels and ups one’s confidence. How do you expect to put in your best at work when you do not feel and look your best on the outside.

There is a saying “Dress the way you want to be addressed”. Are you a CEO, Business- Owner,top or normal level employee, it does not mattter as long as you are walking the corridors of a corporate establishment and bearing thier ID Cards, you need to look your best always. If you want Business partners, Colleagues, and ultimately your clientele to take you seriously, you don’t only have to put on your game face, but also your fashionable Armour.

Looking your best  does not apply only to being outdoors or for party occassions, NO! Whatever you are doing whether it is being at home, at  work,  leisure time, wherever, you never know who is watching you. People define who you are by what they see.

So Ladies take your office style from drabulous to fabulous office chic and feel good about yourself and be more efficient.

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